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Friday, May 27, 2011

Thing 8: Video

During one of my media studies classes, my professor gave us an assignment to go home and watch a video similar to the T-Mobile one posted below.  It was years ago before anyone had really seen anything like this and he explained the difficulty they must have had communicating to get this to go down the way it did.  Though I am not sure if it really was a planned surprise on the travelers, it really is an amazing video and I love that the premise of it was to promote video and photo sharing via cell phones.  It really was genious to me.

I think videos use on library blogs and websites ius a great way to promote events and even host contests.  One idea would be to have the patrons create a commerical for the library or host a video short contest for teens interested in persuing the field of media and film. 

The video was very easy to add to my blog, because I have Blogger, but I think it would be more difficult using other sites.  For example, Wordpress is not that user friendly if you're new to the blogging world, as I am.  I created a library blog using Wordpress and I'm finding harder to navigate than blogger.  I guess that means I have more learing ahead of me!

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