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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Thing 1: Blogging

My name is Amanda and I am the Program Coordinator at the Schuylerville Public Library.  I am still new to the job, and to the wonderful world of libraries, so everytime I have the chance to learn something new, I am anxious to get all the information I can into this little brain of mine.  Blogs are something I know very little about, but have been toying with idea of getting to know them.  When this online course made its way to my inbox, I decided it was fate!  I was meant to blog!

What's that, my new friend the Blog, you want to know a little about me?  Ok, ok...
I am from Maine, and I recently moved to New York after the birth of my first baby, Atticus.  I moved into a wonderful home that has been in my fiance's family since the 1800s, and I have fallen in love with it.  The family built it from the ground up, and as generations have added to it, it has become a cozy environment full of past memories and excitment of new ones to come.  I am so grateful to be living here, and raising my son here. 

I have a degree in Interior Design, though I don't do anything with it (other than decorate my own house, only to fall in love with a different decor and change it again), and I am a semester and half away from a bachelors in Media Studies and Communications.  I hope to go back to school sometime next year and persue Library Science, a field I am so excited to become a part of. 

The most prominent thing I have learned from "Thing 1: Blogging" is how to set up a blog.  I never really took the time to see where to set one up, so this has given me a great outlet to do that.  I love that their are different levels of blog knowledge and with each level, we have the ability to customize and add more to our blogs.  I have thought about creating a newsletter for the library, but will probably go with this, in lue of that because it gives such a myriad of information for the patrons.  With a blog we have the ability to post pictures and videos of events, which may make them more excited to be a part of future ones, rather than if they just read an article on it.  It also gives us a way to link our facebook and website and everything together so they get more information, if they want it.  What I really love is that it will give the patrons a voice, also, by way of comments.  If they have a great idea they'd like to share, they can post it there!  I love it.