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Friday, April 8, 2011

Thing 2: RSS

I found this weeks topic to be a little confusing at first, but I'm not sure why that is.  I had an igoogle account from years ago that I had completely forgotten about, which begs the question: how useful is this tool to me?  I decided to give it another shot, but this time with netvibes, just to change it up a little. 

I think the concept of RSS, personal home pages and feed readers is a wonderful and time saving idea.  The ability to be able to sign into one page and see everything from Twitter updates, to Facebook status' is wonderful and oh how it will save time and energy of not having to go from page to page!  But, if its so wonderful, than why did I find myself never using this tool?  I'll let you know when I figure this out.

I like that netvibes has the weather and everything right in one place, and I am going to try and take advantage of this by using my page more.  There are a few blogs I enjoy, so as I add them, I get excited to check into netvibes and see if there's any new information for me.  I think that is what I like most.  The ability to make a page of things I love and want to know about, specifically contoured to me, so I don't have to go from site to site for updates.  Something I dislike, however, is how my facebook and twitter account and things like that are always logged in.  I somehow makes me feel uneasy about it.  Don't know why (again).

With regard to usefulness with libraries, I don't know that it would be all that helpful.  I suppose in terms of book reviews, new releases, and happenings at other libraries, but I'm not sure I would really use this tool for that.

To sum up, I don't think this tool is for me.  As with anything else, I love to test it out, but I don't think it will become a part of my daily internet routine.