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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Thing #10: Future Trends

I agree with the article that states "libraries are here to stay".  Say what you will about technology taking over the usefulness of libraries, I just don't think they'll ever completely take over.  People don't just come into the library for books, anymore.  They use all the resources we offer and that is what I think the future of the library will look like. 

People use the library for all sorts of purposes from faxing, to computer use and just as a social outlet.  Some people use it for a quiet place to sit or study, and some for the programs we offer.  The Internet can do many things, but I don't think it could ever replace libraries entirely. 

When posed with the question "what services may we have to give up in order to move forward?", I really don't know that I have an answer for that.  I can't of any services as of right now that would need to be given up just in order to secure a future.  I think people are always going to want to print, even if we do see an enormous move toward electronic media.  A good example of something that we have essentially have abandoned is volumes of encyclopedias that seemingly offer us nothing anymore, due to the fact that one would have search through them, take notes or photo copy and actually invest time into the research using them, instead of just Google-ing it.  And the same can be said for the card catalog system which is now computer driven.  In order to stay ahead, it seems like we need to keep up on technology and move forward with the fast paced world of library sciences and if we do that, we will be just fine. 

The most valuable thing I think we have to offer right now is the outlet to learn new things, whether it be from reading a novel, taking a library offered computer class, or attending a program, we are here to offer our communities a place to go and learn something.  And its worth mentioning that we are a free service, and people will always favor what is free.  When the economy gets bad, libraries get busier and that to me is proof enough that we are doing something right and not going anywhere.  Watch out future!  We were here first, and we are here to stay!

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