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Monday, June 27, 2011

cpd23 Thing 1: Blogs and Blogging

After completing the CDLC "Things" course, I jumped at the chance to participate in this one.  I had never blogged before taking it, and I've learned a lot in those 10 weeks.  I am really looking forward to the "things" covered in this course, that weren't covered in that one, mainly the week on Librarianship and Training options.  This leads me to where I am at, professionally.

I've spent the better half of the past year at the Schuylerville library, where I've furthered my desire to go back to school for Library Sciences.  I love working in the library, and find every day I am learning new things about it.  I am just starting out, and this makes me eager to take in every detail I can about working in the field.  I am the program coordinator at our library, and that makes my job really fun.  My short-term goal, for the moment, is to finish out my Media Studies and Communications degree, from which I am a semester and a half away, and then move on to completing my Master's in Library or Information Sciences.  My long-term goal is somewhat ambiguous.  I know I want to work in a library, but I'm relying on my schooling to tell me exactly what I will want to be doing. 

Something I really want to learn about is how to increase the number of hits your blog gets.  I have started one for our library, and it is visited, but not nearly as much as I would want it to.  If anyone has thoughts on this, I would really love to hear them.  I've tried handing things out, and I have it on my emails, and I've done all the other no-brainer promoters of it, but I really want to increase it, even if only by a little bit.  If you want to check it out, you can visit it at

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